The new color option for the iPhone 15 Pro Dark Sienna has been revealed

So, according to a leak, the iPhone 15 Pro will come in a new deep red color, which is called "iPhone 15 Pro Dark Sienna" with a hex code of 410D0D, and it will replace the Deep Purple shade. The new design features thinner bezels, an all-new casing, and new solid-state buttons that replace the traditional volume and mute switches found on current iPhones. The leak also confirms that the camera protrusion at the back gets thicker this year as Apple moves towards bigger sensors.

Basic iPhone 15 Pro CAD pictures have been seen previously, but the team at 9to5Mac has assembled insider information from reliable sources and produced in-depth 3D models of the device. The updated photos provide confirmation of a number of design elements for the forthcoming iPhone, including a completely new case, a larger camera bump, slimmer bezels, redesigned buttons, and a fresh colour scheme.

iPhone 15 Pro Dark Sienna:

The iPhone 15 Pro will have a new deep red colour, according to the leaked renderings and facts. Of course, when the phone is released, Apple may choose a completely different name for it. However, we do know that the colour’s precise hex code is 410D0D, and that the name of the hue represented by this code is Dark Sienna. The new colourway is seen in the rendered iPhone 15 Pro picture above. It is said to replace the Deep Purple colour and coexist with the standard Space Black, white, and gold colour schemes.

The leak has also confirmed other data regarding Apple’s Pro iPhone that have been circulating. The gadget has rounded corners and is covered in a titanium case, as can be seen. According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone 15 Pro should feel considerably different in your hands as a result of the design tweak. As Apple transitions to larger sensors, the camera protrusion at the rear also grows thicker this year.

According to the leakers, each lens protrusion on the iPhone 14 Pro’s cameras has increased by more than twice as much. That added mass is significant. Due to the rumoured periscope lens, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is reportedly going to feature a smaller camera than the normal Pro. The iPhone 15 Pro may thus feature the bulkiest rear camera setup in the whole iPhone 15 series.

Other spots:

Other spots include the alleged replacements for the conventional volume and mute controls featured on the current iPhone model and the new solid-state buttons. On the Pro iPhone models this year, two new haptic engines are reportedly used to simulate button pushes. At the bottom of the phone, we can also see the brand-new USB-C connector. It will only enable the fastest charging rates via cables that have been approved by Apple, according to many sources.

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