The latest iPhone 15 Pro Max larger camera bump images reveal

New leaked renders of the iPhone 15 Pro Max larger camera, suggest that the rear camera bump will be slightly larger than the iPhone 14 Pro Max's version, according to a CAD drawing leak from a case manufacturer. The leaker, ShrimpApplePro, also shared observations about the phone's dimensions and features, including conductive padding that may be fused to phone cases to enable full gestures or action sensitivity. However, it's worth noting that the information in the leak may not necessarily be accurate or confirmed by Apple.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is shown in new renderings to show off its significantly bigger back camera bump and solid-state buttons.
Before an official debut, case makers often exploit leaks to develop CAD drawings of incoming iPhone models. According to one of these leaks, there is a perception that the camera bump would increase for the 2023 launches.

The images show every major angle of the iPhone 15 Pro Max and were obtained through a CAD design leak from an accessory manufacturer by “ShrimpApplePro” on Saturday. The leaker includes a list of measurements and observations from the CAD itself as part of the release.

According to ShrimpApplePro, the camera bump measures 3.78mm, which is almost 5% larger than the version on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. In February, some leakers made claims that the bump may be smaller. The leaker claims that the camera ring diameters—which are described as 16.2mm and include a 13mm camera lens—are essentially the same as those in 2022.

The rear flash’s 6.7mm diameter is less than its 6.9mm counterpart from 2022, and the microphone’s 1.15mm to 0.75mm diameter decreases as well. It seems that the Dynamic Island is the same size as the earlier variants.

Shrimp acknowledges that while their measures “may not be exactly the same as the others out there,” they are accurate.

The leaker talks of “weird objects” resting on top of the solid-state volume buttons in addition to the camera bump. To allow complete gesture or action sensitivity, it is believed that conductive padding will be fused to phone casings.

There is also a suggestion that the iPhone 15 and iPhone Plus versions will have the same padding, which suggests that solid-state buttons may be included on all models.

Even while they are sometimes very accurate, CAD designs from accessory manufacturers often depend on leaks that iPhone 15 Pro Max larger camera and rumours for their production and may not always be actual data supplied by Apple or the supply chain. Although there is no assurance that the data is accurate, it serves as a solid indication of what to anticipate from Apple’s next launch.


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