WPBakery vs Elementor Comparison Which is better

Hi guys, In this article, We’re going to see WPBakery vs Elementor A Quick Comparison Which is better for you. Elementor and wp bakery are two of the most well-known page builders out there and despite some major differences in their design and operation many websites owners have a hard time choosing between the two.

I am Emraan from Techxprobd.com. in this article, we’ll make a quick Comparison of wpbakery vs elementor page builders.

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We divided it into five major parts.


Layout and Page Structure of wpbakery vs elementor page builders

Element Page Builder separates your layout into an editing area and a sidebar. Which includes both widgets and their respective options, although this does mean that it has a small editing area. It is not interrupted by any popups because everything else is nicely stuck to the side.

wpbakery vs elementor

on the other hand, the wp bakery page builder’s front tends to have a slightly cleaner layout made up of a huge editing area and a toolbar at the top.

wpbakery vs elementor

however, you’ll have to deal with pop-ups that cover part of the screen and need to be moved depending on the part of the page you’re editing.

taxt blocks

text blocks

moreover, the page builder also has a back-end editor.

wpbakery vs elementor

which you might need to use to make adjustments from time to time and even though you can switch between the front end and back end editors with a single click.

wpbakery vs elementor

it can still become a hassle for some users despite the different layouts both page builders structure content into rows columns and blocks.

though elementor calls blocks as widgets and wp bakery calls them elements. this is what the rows columns and blocks look like in elementor.


and the rows columns and blocks look like this in the wp bakery page builder.



Blocks and Templates

Elementor offers a long list of free and premium blocks to help you build any page you want. Furthermore, plugins like Woo Commerce and Essential plugins for Elementor add even more amazing blocks to build your page.

wpbakery vs elementor

wp bakery also offers a wide range of useful blocks. by default with everything from images and text to google maps and pie charts.

wpbakery vs elementor

and you can add custom elements too.

wpbakery vs elementor

using add-ons like elegant elements for wp-bakery page builder you can also choose from more than 85-page templates to speed up your page building process. all templates can be imported with a click and are fully editable.

wpbakery vs elementor

on the other hand, elementor offers two types of free and pro-editable templates.

  • page templates
  • block templates

while you can import an entire pre-built page using page templates.

Block templates can be used to build a professional page 1 section at a time.

wpbakery vs elementor


Page Building with Elementor

let’s try adding an image on a blank page with both page builders.

to start building with the elementor click on the plus icon and select the structure of the section you want.



with the entire section selected, you can now customize it in the layout part of the edit section. we can determine the layout parameters like width, gap, height, and vertical-align in the style tab.

wpbakery vs elementor

wpbakery vs elementor

wpbakery vs elementor

we can add different types of backgrounds like classic gradients, videos, and slideshows. let’s add a colored classic background. you can also add a background, overlay, border, shape divider, and typography settings in the advanced section.

margin and padding settings, motion effects, responsive options, attributes, and custom CSS features also can be added there.

we can now start adding widgets to the columns. Click on this icon on the top right to go back to the widgets area.

image options

let’s add an image to the right column. we can customize the image using these three tabs. Click on the choose image option and upload the image from your computer. below you can set the image’s alignment. inside its column then add a caption and link using these options next go to the Style tab and change the width height and opacity settings for the image.

Image option

you can add a border to the image by selecting the border style, width color, and radius in the advanced tab. you can determine the image’s margin and padding. and add motion effects among other customizations.


Page Building with WPBakery

Now let’s add an image with wp bakery. Click the add element button then select a single image. A pop-up show us all the options available for the image.

wpbakery vs elementor

wpbakery vs elementor

image options

if you’re using the element in your widget area you can set a widget title here. select the image source from the drop-down. and click the plus icon.

let’s add a caption to the image. and click the set image below.

we have the option to determine the image size. you can either simply type the image sizes like thumbnail, medium, large full, or other sizes defined by the theme or you can type the size in pixels. we want the image to be large. click save changes to see the changes on the page. you can choose to display the image caption with this option and select the image alignment on the page.

wpbakery vs elementor

you can also choose some simple image styles from the drop-down and decide what happens when a visitor. clicks the image. we want a full-sized image and want it open in a new window then select it here.

property of wpbakery vs elementor

we can use the CSS animation option to add some motion to the image here. we can select the animation from the drop-down and view the animation here. then click save changes to view the final effect on the image.

the image settings pop-up has a design option. tab as well here we can assign the width for the padding, border, and margin of the image.


Pricing and Support of wpbakery vs elementor page builders

elementor offers five premium plans ranging from 49 to 999 dollars depending on the number of websites you want to build.

wpbakery vs elementor

Also, the free version with 40 plus basic widgets and 30 plus templates are plenty to get started on.

free plan

if you need help you can use the help center.

help center

as well pro users also get premium 24×7 support.

Pro Support

wpbakery page builder has two one-time payment licenses of 45 and 245 dollars

wpbakery vs elementor

wpbakery Page Builder comes with extensive documentation and tutorials to help you find and get a support ticket in the line if you have some questions.

wpbakery vs elementor


This is a wpbakery vs elementor Quick Comparison Which is better for you.

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So thanks for being with us. And I’ll see you in the next article.

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